Generalized Inverses: Theory, Applications and Computations

Tampere Inter University Graduate School (TISE)

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and University of Tampere (UTA)

September 2008

Lecturer: Adi Ben-Israel, Rutgers University, NJ, USA         


Course description: Generalized inverses of matrices have important applications in statistics, engineering and many areas of applied mathematics, as well as a satisfactory theory. This short course is an introduction to the theory, and the main application and numerical algorithms of generalize inverses.


1.     The Penrose equations, and the Moore-Penrose inverse.

2.     Solving linear equations. Geometry.

3.     Applications to least squares and minimum norm solutions.

4.     Partitioned matrices and determinants.

5.     The matrix volume and applications.

6.     The group inverse.

7.     The Drazin inverse.

8.     A spectral theory for rectangular matrices. The SVDecomoposition.

9.     Applications in Statistics.

10.                        Miscellaneous applications

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of linear algebra, as can be glanced from this review

Course work, grades, etc.: Students will have a choice between an exam or a (mini)project of an applied or numerical nature, in the student's area of interest.

Textbook: None required, although I'll be reading from  Generalized Inverses: Theory and Applications

Schedule (tentative):





Topics (from Syllabus)

Wednesday, Sept 17




1, 2

Thursday, Sept 18




3, 4

Friday, Sept 19




5, 6

Wednesday, Sept 24




7, 8

Thursday, Sept 25




9, 10



·       Lecture 1: Preliminaries

·       Lecture 2: Generalized Inverses

·       Lecture 3: Least Squares

·       Lecture 4: Partitioned Matrices and Determinants

·       Lecture 5: Matrix Volume

·       Illustrations with Maple (written for Maple12, but should be compatible with older versions of Maple)

·       Lecture 6: The Group Inverse

·       Lecture 7: The Drazin Inverse

·       Lecture 8: The SVDecompoition

·       Lecture 9: Applications to Statistics

·       Lecture 10: Miscellaneous Applications

Reading list (to be updated):

1.     A. B-I, Review of linear algebra (given in chapter 0 of this file, that includes also some front matter from the above mentioned text)

2.     A. B-I, Bibliography of generalized inverses (2002)

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